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All of our clocks can easily be shipped worldwide, please contact us for price and condition

On this website, all prices are indicated in CHF (Swiss francs) without TVA (VAT)

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Swiss and French wall clocks, mantel clocks, carriage clocks currently for sale :


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Antique Clocks - Pendulantic, Swiss 1820 bracket clock, on wall bracket, quarter striking, 2 separate doors Antique Clocks - Pendulantic, French on wall bracket clock, or cartel from the Louis XV period Antique Clocks - Pendulantic, Neuchatel Swiss, separate doors on wall bracket clock, or cartel circa 1820Antique Clocks - Pendulantic, Neuchatel Swiss on wall bracket clock, or cartel from the Louis XVI periodAntique Clocks - Pendulantic, Neuchatel swiss on wall bracket clock from the Directoire periodAntique Clocks - Pendulantic, Swiss 19th century bracket clock, on wall bracket, alarm function, quarter stricking, polychrom decorationAntique Clocks - Pendulantic, Swiss 1820 bracket clock, on wall bracket, Grande Sonnerie, two separate doors


Some other clocks might not yet be listed on the site: Make sure to be informed of the new arrivals at Antique Clocks - Pendulantic.

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Christian Loutz & Jacques Duvoisin welcome you to the Antique Clocks - Pendulantic workshop.

All the clocks are completely original. In some cases restorations - carefully respecting the integrity of the clocks - were necessary to ensure long years of continued life.
Christian Loutz shop astronomical equation Louis XVI clock by Ferdinand Berthoud, Swiss precision clock, antique Louis XV clock, antique Louis XIV clock Boulle marquetry

Do not hesitate to contact the clockmakers should you require further information.

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